Tuesday, March 29, 2005


Whenever she came online, it was routine. She would first check her inbox, secretly hoping that either of them would've sent her an email. It did not matter whether it was just a "Hi!" or a forwarded "You're Cursed!" one.
When her inbox read zero as it always would, she would open her friend's blog just to listen to the cool song he had placed there.
And then, she got to work. She would click on friendster.com and look at them. She felt funny crushing on 2 guys at the same time. The guitarist, she had known recently. She had strolled into a cafe after a shopping spree and there before her eyes, was he. The poet she had met in school, though she never really talked to him before. On a whim, she had added both of them to her friendster account and they accepted her.
Everyday, she would read their profiles, stare at their pictures, always waiting for new pictures to drool over. She would read every testimonial over and over to try and understand both of them better.
However, today was different. She saw both the poet's and guitarist's status had been changed to "In a Relationship". That wasn't too bad to digest. In a wicked twist of fate and much to her horror, there was a picture of both the poet and guitarist, arms around each other, with a caption that read, "My darling," on both their accounts. Now this was harder to swallow.
Without much thought, she deleted both boys from her account, logged out, stopped the music and shut down the computer.
She threw herself onto her bed, in between the two smiling boys.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Conversations that can lead to stories...

Me: Stupid dagnabit pirated DVD!

Dad: What happened?

Me: I could only part of the actor's head at certain parts of the movie. How bout the one you watched?

Dad: Oh, mine got no one stand up.

Me: What the? Nooooo...The one I watched no one stand up also...

Mum: -laughs uncontrollably-

Dad: Then? Why you complain?

Me: -slaps forehead- Forget it.


Me: What you doing?

Soozee: On friendster, spying on my crushes. I think they're romantically linked.


And just like that, Soozee has by accident, given me an idea for a story, a play maybe. Who knows? But it sounds darn workable.
Imagine it. Your crushes being with each other instead. Hahaha...

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Can I call her Alice?

In place of a pot of gold, she stumbled upon a cave at the end of the rainbow. It was not really a cave for it could not fit an adult nor could it be called just a hole for it was big enough for her to go through. Not once did she expect her visit to Innisfree would allow her to live her dreams for at that very moment, she felt like Alice, about to fall into her own wonderland.
She reached out to touch the walls but there were no beams nor railings and as she stepped into the cave, she plunged into the shadows, arms now flailing.


Monday, March 21, 2005

Ideas, Ideas...

Just some ideas in the wee hours of the morning...

She stood on the sidewalk trying to capture a glimpse of him. The rain, seemingly appeared invisible to her for she stood in the open as it drenched her ochre summer dress. Oblivious to her surroundings, curious stares attempted to plague her but to no avail. Her piercing eyes, fixated on that tiny green-tinted window on the seventh floor of the building before her.

As she sat on the swing, her tiny feet dangled from her seat, unable to reach the ground. Not that she cared, for at that moment, it felt like a throne fit for a princess like her. As she sat on the clouds, the world laid still at her feet. Her feet moved in tandem to the swing as it rocked back and forth. As Daddy pushed her slowly, and then faster, she squealed in joy as the swing gained its momentum, defying the limitations of gravity. The higher she went, the closer she felt to touching the heavens., the closer she felt to Mummy. But it would all end there when Daddy's arms become tired and too weak to push her anymore. As the pendulum slowed down to a halt, so did her happiness with a premature end.