Thursday, March 24, 2005

Conversations that can lead to stories...

Me: Stupid dagnabit pirated DVD!

Dad: What happened?

Me: I could only part of the actor's head at certain parts of the movie. How bout the one you watched?

Dad: Oh, mine got no one stand up.

Me: What the? Nooooo...The one I watched no one stand up also...

Mum: -laughs uncontrollably-

Dad: Then? Why you complain?

Me: -slaps forehead- Forget it.


Me: What you doing?

Soozee: On friendster, spying on my crushes. I think they're romantically linked.


And just like that, Soozee has by accident, given me an idea for a story, a play maybe. Who knows? But it sounds darn workable.
Imagine it. Your crushes being with each other instead. Hahaha...


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